5 compelling reasons for video marketing


We all know that quality content is crucial to attract, engage, and convert online audiences. The issue is creating that content, and in what medium to reach that audience. Today, the queen of content is definitely video.

When we boil it down, video is so impactful because it brings together two things that catch the attention of our distracted human brains: movement and noise. We love video because our brains are programmed to absorb visual content at a more effective rate than sound or text alone. Video allows the full story to be told, creating a faster and stronger emotional reaction than words or photos can provide. Studies have shown that an emotional reaction influences how much information we retain, since visual memory is located in the same part of the brain where emotions are processed. Anatomy lesson aside, that is huge news for video marketing. If we have visual and auditory stimuli, and create an emotional reaction, we’ve created a memory. An authentic, positive memory about a school, team, or brand is a pretty amazing way to reinforce a relationship with that viewer.

If you aren’t already using video in your marketing efforts, here are 5 reasons why video is the most versatile and profitable tool out there:

1. Video builds trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions and customers. But beyond the financial implications, building trust should be a goal on its own. In a marketplace full of imitators, each brand has to reach its audience with an authentic message that creates a long-term relationship. Video engages, ignites emotions, and provides interesting and useful information. Done right, it’s a vehicle for an audience to spread and advocate for your video content, which leads us to…

2. Video inspires social sharing

We only need to look at our own personal social media feeds to see that video is everywhere on social. Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. That’s a massive number, but isn’t surprising, especially if we look at the Generation Z crowd. The technology they’ve grown up with (YouTube, Snapchat, Skype, Facetime, etc) allows communication with a full range of sound and motion, not just text or photos. As a result, they expect the same from their digital content, and frequently share branded content if it’s engaging and entertaining. And not just to their friends - 80% of Gen Zers studied by Google said they proactively share YouTube videos with their parents or other adult family members. Emotionally charged, creative video advertising can be spread online in a matter of days, getting millions of views.

3. Video has great ROI

It’s no secret that video production is not the easiest or cheapest option to reach your audience. But it does pay off, big time. In a recent study, 91% of those brands using video marketing consider it an important part of their strategy, and 83% say video provides a healthy ROI (up from 78% last year). However, 90% of those same brands also say the level of competition and noise in video has increased in the past year. That’s why we feel it’s so important to separate brands from the competition with beautifully produced work with a clear message that reaches out, and is heard through all that digital noise.


4. Video appeals to mobile users

From adorable cat videos to sports highlights to branded content, people watch a ton of video on their phones. YouTube’s mobile video consumption rises dramatically each year, and the number of smartphone users keeps increasing, so the potential video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger. The Gen Z crowd is of particular interest for mobile video viewing. While Millennials were the mobile pioneers, Gen Zers are mobile natives, and 78% of teens have a smartphone, only slightly behind the 18-24 crowd’s usage. Viewing video content on a mobile device has been shown to foster a greater personal connection than desktop users. Perhaps our phones have become such a part of ourselves, that the content we view on them seems more personal. This means that we have to be sensitive to the personal experience people have on their phone, and give them better options in the video content they consume. Storytelling is more important than ever when competing for attention in the mobile world.

5. Google ❤️ video

A website is much more likely (up to 50 times more) to show up first on Google search if there is video embedded in the site. That’s not a surprising stat when you consider that Google owns YouTube, and it ranks YouTube and other video content highly in its search results. Outside of YouTube, video content is interactive, providing more page views and clicks on your site. Video also increases the time spent by visitors to your website, and the longer exposure tells search engines like Google that your site has good content and is to be trusted.

We’re seeing increased video adoption online partly because of advances in technology, but also because it’s easily spread across the world. Creative video translates beautifully across different languages and cultures, allowing audiences to receive, share, and act on a clear message. To have a minute of captive interest for your brand from someone online is pretty amazing, and quality creative video allows that to happen.