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Prime Medical

Prime Medical is a textile and apparel company who’s products help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the healthcare space and anywhere infection prevention is a concern. So basically, they’re awesome. Our job was to communicate that awesomeness with an overall brand look that was carried through to a print brochure. We used creative copy to highlight the hidden strengths of each piece of fabric, as well as visual elements to indicate the technology behind the fabric. The combination of copy and visuals turns a complicated technology into something easily understood - that this fabric has a purpose.

From the first time I met with Mike and Laura, I knew I had found the perfect team to help shape my company’s brand identity and take it to the next level. They have a passion for not only creating the right ‘look and feel’… but also communicating the right ‘heart and voice’ for the brand and the company vision. It’s been an absolute pleasure having Beach Lion as a trusted partner and creative collaborator.
— Wendy Brady, VP Marketing | Prime Medical