The world: From pixels to crystals


We recently had the great opportunity to collaborate with Jeremy Luski, Founder and Chief Event Officer for JML Worldwide, a global event organization that produces and executes unforgettable international events in more than 35 countries. Beach Lion wanted to create a mark that not only represented the JML Worldwide brand, but also had a personal connection to Jeremy.

Jeremy shared with us that his grandfather, who is almost 90, is his mentor. His grandfather has always loved collecting art, especially pieces from an artist named Jon Kuhn. Kuhn, regarded one of the leading glass artists in the world, creates blown glass within glass pieces of art. Check out the video below to see how Beach Lion’s Creative Director, Mike Nolasco, turned an image of the world into a crystalized mark to pay homage to the glass art that means so much to Jeremy and his family. The final result shows a brand that is not only world-class, but capable and inspired.